GLDS Series High Cone Angle High Efficiency Settlement Tank

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The equipment is mainly composed of tank body and truss, transmission device, rake, flocculant addition system and other parts.

(1) Trough body and truss

The tank body and feeding system are mainly designed according to the process parameter requirements of the project and the site area, so that it can reach the daily production capacity index, and various nozzles are reserved according to the interface requirements to ensure the smooth and reliable connection of the pipeline. The truss is a kind of steel structure that bears the load on the upper part of the tank. It is mainly designed according to the weight of the equipment and the diameter of the tank. Its function is to install the driving device and check and maintain the operation of the equipment.

(2) Transmission - CHX type

The transmission device is designed according to the use requirements of high torque and low speed. According to the material conditions and process requirements, the maximum power is 45KW, and the minimum rotation speed is 0.05r/min. There is a safety protection device in the transmission device. When the equipment is overloaded At 45KW, the alarm system will give sound and light alarm; when the equipment continues to be overloaded to reach the predetermined load, the safety system will protect the equipment by alarming and stopping; the transmission device has multiple (1~6) drive units, and the gear bearings are accurate. The 4-point contact slewing bearing has the advantages of high output power, stable operation, low noise and high reliability. Each gear drive unit includes a motor and a planetary series reducer, and a torque overload detector can be installed between the planetary reducers to realize real-time torque detection. The PLC module can realize a variety of automatic control modes. 1~6 drive units can be arbitrarily configured as required, 8 series and 34 models, to achieve full coverage from 20KN.m to 4140 KN.m, suitable for deep-cone high-efficiency sedimentation tanks.

(3) Rake

The main function is to thicken the scraping material, separate the solid material, and at the same time prevent the slurry from hydrolyzing; the rake is mostly two-rake type, and the scraper of the rake is installed with a certain inclination angle, which can ensure the inward operation of the material and reduce the resistance. , reduce power consumption; our company can make relevant designs according to the process technical conditions and requirements proposed by users.

(4) Flocculant addition

Adding flocculants is a widely used and effective method to accelerate material sedimentation in various industries such as smelting and environmental protection. Under the action of the flocculant, the fine particles in the dispersed state in the slurry coagulate into flocs, thus effectively increasing the settling speed. Our company can design an advanced preparation and addition system according to the process requirements, select the appropriate flocculant variety, and determine the dilution concentration, addition method and addition amount through experiments to ensure that the flocculant achieves the best efficiency in the application, and improves the slurry sedimentation separation and redness. Mud washing effect, reduce running cost.



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